David Fisco

04 May 2008

I wanted to learn Python, primarily to replace my Bash scripts with Python code.

Rather than just read a bunch of tutorials and books, I decided to try applying the mind map technique to learning a programing language.

I'm very pleased with the technique's ability to help me learn a new language, and I'm providing a draft of my mind map in the hopes it will help others learn Python.

This is a work-in-progress. It is not complete, and probably contains errors.

The Flash version of the mind map (presented below) is without formatting and is difficult to use. If you are interested in serious use of the mind map, I suggest you install Freemind and download the Freemind file of the Python Mind Map.

I'm curious about the ability to learn a programming language from a mind map. Please use my online survey to voice your opinion about the efficacy of mind maps in programming education.

Use the controls at the top of this frame to help navigate the mind map. Click and drag on a white area to move the mind map. Your mouse wheel can be used to zoom the mind map.

View this Flash version in its own window.